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More Glass Options For A Clear Advantage

Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors offers four energy-saving glass performance packages to fit a variety of needs and budgets. At the heart of every Thermo-Tech glass package are warm-edge spacers. These U-shaped channels of a patented alloy, placed neatly out of sight improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce interior condensation and cloudy glass.


Basic Double-Pane Insulated Glass

The first and most affordable glass package features two panes of clear insulated glass for those who want the beauty and function of a Thermo-Tech Window, but don't require the more energy-efficient options.


Standard LoĒ²™ 272/Argon

Most Thermo-Tech Windows come standard with double-pane insulated LoĒ²™ 272/Argon glass featuring two panes of double-strength glass filled with argon gas for superior insulation. LoĒ²™ 272/Argon blocks enough solar heat that cooling loads can be cut by 25% or more compared to ordinary low-Ē and clear glass. The heat of the sun is composed of visible light and invisible infrared energy. LoĒ²™ 272/Argon allows the daylight to pass through the glass and filters out solar heat, blocking 84% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Plus the insulating value of LoĒ²™ is nearly double that of an ordinary non-LoĒ™ insulated glass.


High-Performance LoĒ³™ 366/Argon

Our double-pane, insulated LoĒ³™ 366/Argon heat-reflecting glass adds even more insulating power and optimal thermal performance. LoĒ³™ 366/Argon heat-reflecting glass delivers the ideal balance of solar control, thermal performance, high visibility and the highest levels of energy saving in a double-pane insulated glass unit. Plus, LoĒ³™ 366/Argon provides excellent fade protection, blocking 11% more ultra violet light than standard LoĒ²™ 272 glass – Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays!


Energy Guard Triple-Pane High Performance Glass

Maximum energy savings and comfort. Optimal sun protection. Superior sound proofing. Thermo-Tech's Energy Guard triple-pane insulated glass has it all for an ultimate super high-performance R-5 plus window. Energy Guard Windows incorporate three layers of double-strength glass; one standard clear pane of glass sandwiched by and two High-Performance LoĒ³™ 366 glass surfaces and two half-inch insulating air spaces filled with insulating argon gas. Learn more about Thermo-Tech Energy Guard Windows.

Glass Package Comparisons

  Winter Heat Loss
Reduction %
Summer Heat Gain
Reduction %
Center of Glass
Solar Heat Gain
Clear Glass - - .33 .78
LoĒ²™ 272 47% 47% .26 .41
LoĒ³™ 366 50% 65% .25 .27
Energy Guard 68% 69% .13 .14


* compared to standard clear insulated glass

U-Values: Lower U-Values means better thermal performance
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: Smaller numbers translate to better prevention of solar heat gain

Data from Cardinal Glass Industries 2008 Residential Glass Technical Guide

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