Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors

Standard Features

At Thermo-Tech we believe the surest way to deliver products homeowners are proud to use everyday is to offer products that come with only the features we would want in our own homes. Why would anyone offer less?

Multi-Point Lock

Your home’s first line of defense for performance and safety.

  • Ensures sash is securely locked in place and all weather strip engaged
  • Forced Entry Grade 20 – Extremely difficult to breach by force
  • Eliminates ability for sash to be raised up and removed from exterior side

BetterVue® Screen with Water Shed Technology™

Not your average, ordinary insect screen.

  • Better airflow
  • Lets in more natural light
  • Improved optical clarity
  • Sheds water and debris during rainstorms or when spray cleaning

Heavy-Duty Plated Steel Adjustable Roller Assembly

Roller assemblies for Thermo-Tech patio door models can be accessed on either side of the interior face of the operating panel behind a small plug on the surface which can be removed and replaced. Use a #3 Phillips screwdriver to access the adjustment screw. For downward adjustment turn clockwise. For upward adjustment turn counter-clockwise.

Thermo-Tech® Warm-Edge Advantage

For added insulating value no other type of insulating (thermal) design brings you these combined advantages.

  • Best Argon retention keeps insulating gas in windows
  • Recessed below the sightline so all you ever see are beautiful windows
  • Energy Star Performance

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