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    Classic Series Premium New Construction Windows

    Improve the view of all your new construction projects.

Classic Series Premium New Construction Windows from Thermo-Tech arrive ready for productivity and performance.

Homeowners enjoy all the benefits of Thermo-Tech vinyl windows and doors and so do builders. We expertly manufacture to building specifications for on-time delivery, perfect fit and ease of installation. Windows from any of our comprehensive new construction Classic Series  feature standard sizes to fit nearly any project. And they come complete with nail fins, ready to install. If you’re ready to build, we’re ready to deliver. 

Our original vinyl windows and doors still set the standard for classic comfort and beauty. Each Classic Series window from Thermo-Tech is expertly designed and manufactured to provide cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security, and greater comfort and beauty all year long. They’re constructed with strong, premium-grade materials that help keep the weather outside and comfort inside.

Thermo-Tech’s Classic Series windows are also exceptionally easy to operate and clean—inside and out. Plus, like all Thermo-Tech windows, Classic Series windows require very little maintenance to keep their attractive appearance and ease-of-use for decades to come.

As energy efficient as they are beautiful. Check out the numbers.

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  • Why Thermo-Tech

    Why Thermo-Tech

    Proven energy efficiency.
    Exceptional design flexibility.
    Maintenance-free durability.

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