Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who is Thermo-Tech?
A.Thermo-Tech is a premium window and door company that develops advanced technologies and superior vinyl products that compete favorably with anything you see on the market today. We’ve staked our company’s reputation on helping homeowners realize their dreams. Personal attention and genuine commitment show in every product we make. It’s not about shouting our name…it’s about your satisfaction.
Why does Thermo-Tech manufacture vinyl windows and doors? 
A.Thermo-Tech specializes in advanced PVC fenestration applications—a fancy way of saying that we make smart vinyl windows and doors. Period. No warpable wood. No overpriced composites. We believe our focus on vinyl ensures that our windows and doors deliver the value today’s homeowners expect.
Are vinyl-clad windows the same as Thermo-Tech Vinyl Windows & Doors?
A.No, not even close. Cladding is simply a layer of vinyl or aluminum that covers the primary construction material, such as wood.
Do windows have expiration dates?
A.Wouldn’t that be nice? Generally, windows older than 25 years probably need replacing to gain greater energy efficiency and savings. Ice or thick frost during the winter, foggy condensation inside the panes, sealed or unopenning frames, or strong drafts all mean it’s time for new Thermo-Tech windows.
Why do windows need weather stripping?
A.The weather stripping keeps out the elements, like cold wind and rain, while allowing the window mechanism to function smoothly. Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors feature dust-defying weather stripping (that’s a real plus!) everywhere the sash and frame touch.

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