Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors

Thermo-Tech Warm-Edge Advantage

For the longest-lasting durability, comfort and energy savings, Thermo-Tech insulated glass incorporates Duralite® warm-edge glass spacer systems.

  • Improved condensation resistance for a clear view
  • ENERGY STAR® performance
  • Durable and long lasting

Superior Thermal Performance

Our warm-edge spacer helps keep your energy costs low by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Look between the panes of glass for the clear difference in Thermo-Tech windows. We use warm-edge spacers, U-shaped channels of a patented alloy, placed neatly out of sight. Why bother if you won’t see them? For a better view! Our warm-edge spacers reduce interior condensation and cloudy glass.

Other window companies still use outdated cold-edge spacers, which quickly attract moisture on the pane in the right conditions—namely, when outdoor temperatures dip to 0°C or lower and interior humidity levels are 15% or higher. Small kitchen and bathroom windows attract condensation first, often growing mold and mildew. Worse yet, today’s new airtight homes release little water vapor, so high humidity levels are more common than ever.

Thermo-Tech improves the thermal efficiency at the edge of the glass and increases the overall insulation value. The improved energy efficiency greatly reduces the chance of condensation. Reassuring, especially for families with mold or mildew allergies. And our warm-edge spacers add structural integrity, retain argon gas very well, and protect the seal for energy savings. That’s technology at work.

Six Reasons Thermo-Tech Uses Warm-Edge Spacers

  1. Strength and durability in all types of weather
  2. Consistent quality in the manufacturing process
  3. Lower energy bills thanks to draft-blocking energy conservation
  4. Cleaner-looking windows without distorting reflections
  5. Flexibility to guard the sealant as temperatures vary night and day and winter to summer
  6. Condensation-reducing design to fight mold and mildew

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