Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors

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Sliding WindowsAn exceptional value, Thermo-Tech slider windows combine both performance and price appeal. Sliding windows are available in either 2-lite or 3-lite configurations.Word DocPDF
Casement WindowsPrecisely engineered, Thermo-Tech casement window systems ensure a tight, energy-efficient seal from top to bottom using multi-point locks. Plus, they foil break-ins better than single lock window systems. Our smooth-operating hinges open to a full 90° for easy cleaning from the inside. Design options are endless. Use them individually. Align them for a classic look. Or stack a fixed transom or half circle above two casement windows to create a contemporary style.Word DocPDF - 2600 Casement-Dual Ext

PDF - 2600 Casement-Triple Ext
Fixed Casement & Direct-Set WindowsThermo-Tech fixed casement and direct-set window systems invite creative applications for new construction or renovation projects. Use fixed casements for simple picture windows or in multiple casement window units. Mulling them together creates a variety of combinations. Direct-set picture windows, our most versatile stationary option, can stand-alone or adjoin double-hung, single-hung or slider windows in impressive multiple-wide units. Transoms above them add an elegant touch. Direct-set windows follow the same standard sizes as fixed casements.Word DocFixed Casement
PDF - 2635 Fixed Casement-Dual

PDF - 2635 Fixed Casement-Triple

PDF - 2555 Direct Set-Dual

PDF - 2555 Direct Set-Triple
Awning WindowsThermo-Tech awning window systems use two locking handles for a tight, energy-efficient seal from top to bottom. They also resist break-ins better than single-lock window systems. Our smooth-operating hinges open 45°. Awning windows complement classic styles when used alone or placed next to each other.Word DocPDF -2600 Awning-Dual Ext

PDF - 2600 Awning-Triple Ext
Double-Hung WindowsThermo-Tech double-hung windows combine traditional styling with our outstanding performance technology. We also engineer our double-hung windows to include standard features that most companies leave out. The result? Beautiful energy-efficient windows ready to enhance new or existing homes.Word DocPDF
Single-Hung WindowsTraditional style, exceptional performance and appealing price make the Thermo-Tech single-hung window one of our best values. Install single-hung windows side by side to beautifully complement a variety of multiple-window configurations.Word DocPDF
Cottage Style WindowsThermo-Tech single-hung and double-hung windows are now available in cottage style. Choose a larger bottom sash to retain the original architecture of your home on retrofit applications. Or use the larger bottom sash to keep the meeting rail from your line of sight in your lake home. These windows have the same great Thermo-Tech® quality as our standard single-hung and double-hung units.Word DocPDF
Oriel Style WindowsMaybe a smaller bottom sash is more your style. Now Thermo-Tech offers single-hung and double-hung windows in oriel style, too. Keep the original look of your home when renovating, enjoy your lake view or just try something different. Oriel windows have all the quality and features of the standard single-hung and double-hung windows but give you the choice of having smaller bottom sashes.Word DocPDF
Picture Windows
with Flanking Units
Thermo-Tech offers an array of standard multiple-wide units for impressive results. Specify casements, double-hung or single-hung windows, or any multiple-wide combination. Multiple-wide configurations with casement flanking units typically use a fixed casement picture window. Double-hung and single-hung units typically have a direct-set window. These multiple-wide units include all the standard features and benefits of their respective window types.Word Doc
Bow & Bay WindowsThermo-Tech bow and bay windows arrive fully assembled and ready to install. They come complete with jamb extensions, head and seat board and cable support system. Choose a bay window configuration with 30° or 45°angles or choose a bow window with a 4-lite, 5-lite or 6-lite configuration. Always charming, bow and bay windows accommodate a variety of combinations with double-hung, single-hung or casement window units.Word Doc
Fixed Casement & Direct-Set TransomsThermo-Tech stationary transom windows fit exactly over our standard-size operable and stationary windows. Direct-set transoms are designed to stack vertically on single-hung, double-hung and other fixed units. Fixed casement transoms match the framing of our casement windows to ensure a consistent and seamless appearance. For dramatic wall effects, use the transom window to extend the vertical reach of windows. As with all of our windows, Thermo-Tech® offers custom options for virtually limitless possibilities. Let your imagination be your guide.Word DocFixed Casement
Half Round & Quarter Round Windowsound-top windows from Thermo-Tech decidedly enhance a home's character. Simplify the design process with our standard sizes in popular decorative shapes, including elliptical, quarter rounds, half rounds, extended half rounds and extended elliptical windows. Combining standard styles maximizes your plan at a minimum cost. Or opt for custom sizes to perfectly match your design specifications. These windows work equally well as single units or joined with any of our window systems. Create combinations of shapes and styles for stunning curb appeal.Word DocPDF
Ellipse WindowsEllipse windows blend all-round charm and beauty with the practicality of low maintenance and energy efficiency. Ellipse windows can be installed as single units or joined to casements, double-hung, single-hung and awning units.Word DocPDF
Specialty WindowsThermo-Tech windows can create a truly custom look with the ultimate in design features. We build each specialty window to your exact specifications. Whether you want trapezoids, triangles, hexagons, pentagons, octagons or more, Thermo-Tech® specialty windows are available in just about any angle or slope required. Use these windows as single units or combine them with any of our other window systems.Word DocPDF

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